Very long, thick and fabulous lashes in a very short time, savings pack lasting up to 8 months !

Orolash Eyelash Growth Serum 2 Pack

  • Orolash London is a dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested serum  , also suitable for the most sensitive skin. A formula designed for longer, healthier, denser and more voluminous lashes. The innovative Peptid3D technology activates regrowth in record time allowing you to notice  visible results in just 2 weeks . The lashes appear nourished and dense and the look more seductive and feminine. The serum reaches its maximum effectiveness in just one month of application. Choose Orolash, the best for your eyes!

  • 1  Apply OROLASH eyelash serum every night to the base of the upper lashes  (after removing make-up) to stimulate their strength and length in a few days.   

    2  Wait for the maximum result, visible on average in less than 30 days of application.

    3  At this point, use OROLASH only two or three times a week to keep your lashes beautiful, thick and very long. 1 bottle alone is sufficient for 3 to 4 months.