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Hair Model Agency is recruiting! At Hair Model Agency, we value creativity and an independent spirit. We are a growing team of like minds looking for enthusiastic, professional, and dedicated individuals to join us. We like to be seen as a dynamic, passionate, and driven company, we work hard but have fun getting to our goal.

Our approach stems from our intuitive understanding of who we are and our passion for creating the perfect experience with Digital Models.

We are based in London. If you like the sound of joining our team - please get in touch. We currently have roles for the following positions: 

  • Model Management & Booker Intern

  • Talent Booker Intern

  • Creative Content Writer Intern

  • Talent Booker

  • Model Scout Intern


Apply for a short term role today!

Roles *

Social Media Expert Responsibilities: -

Develop relevant content topics to reach the company’s target customers

- Analyse key metrics and tweak strategy as needed

- Develop and expand community and/or influencer outreach efforts

Creative Content Writer

- Assist Chief Content Editor with tasks

- Curate new and interesting ideas for articles within the fashion industry

- Write minimum 1 article a week keeping within our community guidelines

- Assist in the written content involving brand partnerships



- Must be in education

- Must want to commit to the role for 1 month


Apply for a short term role today!

Role *

Model Management & Booker Intern

- Creative administration of model portfolio images, client contacts, and model bookings

- Assisting in the booking of models for jobs

- Creating Model packages for Clients

- Attending Client outreach meetings/events


Talent Booker

- Client liaison and organizing talent and brand partnerships - Working with talent with 20k-700k on their social media

- Helping with UGC content creation


Model Scout Responsibilities:

- Scout Models via social media + events + street casting

- Keep in-line with Rare Select Models vision when selecting Models



- Must be in education

- Must want to commit to the role for 3 month

Apply now

Send us your  Portfolio / Social / Link to Website /

with a Cover Letter at

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